2008 – 2009 Futsal Game Dates

* Please double check your game dates / times with the most recent time table.

Here are the game dates Teams and schedule to follow. Uniforms to be handed out October 30

Equipment required:

Shin Pads Indoor Shoes

Futsal Dates:

West Hill Secondary School Gym Thursday Evenings

Pre season

October 9

Players will be called or emailed playing times. Please bring shorts,shin pads, indoor shoes. Will accept registrations and payments. Bring along anyone interested in playing they can register there and be included in one of the pre-season games if payment received.


7:30 7:30 8:30 8:30
Game Date
1 30-Oct Hot Spurs Wanderers Gunners Hurricanes
2 6-Nov Hurricanes Hot Spurs Wanderers Gunners
3 13-Nov Wanderers Hurricanes Hot Spurs Gunners
4 20-Nov Gunners Hurricanes Wanderers Hot Spurs
5 27-Nov Hot Spurs Gunners Hurricanes Wanderers
6 4-Dec Hurricanes Hot Spurs Wanderers Gunners
7 18-Dec Gunners Hurricanes Hot Spurs Wanderers
8 8-Jan Wanderers Gunners Hurricanes Hot Spurs
9 15-Jan Hot Spurs Wanderers Gunners Hurricanes
10 22-Jan Gunners Hot Spurs Hurricanes Wanderers
11 29-Jan Wanderers Gunners Hot Spurs Hurricanes
12 5-Feb Hurricanes Wanderers Gunners Hot Spurs
13 19-Feb Hot Spurs Hurricanes Wanderers Gunners
14 26-Feb Gunners Hot Spurs Hurricanes Wanderers
15 5-Mar Hurricanes Gunners Hot Spurs Wanderers
16 26-Mar Wanderers Hurricanes Gunners Hot Spurs
17-18 3-Apr
19 10-Apr

* Please note that the school can take away dates at will when weather or unexpected things occur that we have no control over. We have scheduled games for every date possible with the exception of into April.