Playoff Schedule

Playoff Rules

Halves are 20 minutes for non-friendly matches (to accommodate for potential shootouts)

If tied at the end of regular time:

Numbers of potential shooters are balanced (ie. if one team has more players they must exclude some in order to have an equal number of shooters)

First 3 shooters each team. If one team becomes dominant (ie. 2 goals and other team has none after 4 shooters, call the win)
If still tied after first 6 shooters, then it goes 1v1 till one team scores and the other doesn’t.


Each team can sub up to 5 players (Team Pools Found Here) (If a team is found to have used “illegal” subs, this could result in a forfeit)

Teams can have the following subs per game: 1 – A Pool Player, 2 – B Pool Players, 3 – C Pool Players, 4 – D Pool Players

Team rosters may be checked by committee members, to determine equality for all substitutions, and if teams do not have the appropriate substitutions in place, they may be required to play short (or forfeit and play a friendly match)

1st Week (Quarterfinals)

Game 1

  • 1st (SP) vs. 5th (TN)

Game 2

  • 2nd (MCU) vs. 6th (BW)

Game 3

  • 3th (BP) vs. 7th (JOE)

Game 4

  • 4th (JTL) vs. 8th (MSH)

2nd Week (Semi-finals)

Game 5

  • BW vs JOE

Game 6

  • JTL vs TN

Game 7

  • SP vs BP

Game 8

  • MCU vs MSH

3rd Week (Finals)

Game 9

  • MSH vs BP

Game 10

  • TN vs BW

Game 11

  • JTL vs JOE

Game 12

  • MCU vs SP