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  • +18 plus (all ages over 18 welcome)
  • All Skill Levels Welcome. (zero experience players encouraged!)
  • Co-ed (it’s a mixed league on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Women’s only on Mondays)
  • Season starts approx. late May / start of June and ends late August
  • One game a week (approx. hour in length) with an occasional extra game once in a while
  • Uniforms provided (shirts, shorts, socks)
  • Regulation Field with Referee

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FYI – All communication regarding the soccer league is relayed via the website, social media (facebook) and email campaigns. Please make sure to enter an email address when completing your registration (if possible) and / or check the website frequently for updates.

Step 1

Determine which division(s) you wish to sign up for

Recreational Division

Originally named “Beginner Division”

This is for those who haven’t played soccer (or much of it), it’s a good way to get out and try the sport with people focusing on fun and fitness

  • Intensity Level – Low
  • Game Day – Tuesday evenings

Intermediate Division

Originally named “Standard Division”

For people who have played before (eg. House League, co-ed) or are naturally athletic (proficient at other sports)

  • Intensity Level – Medium
  • Game Day – Thursday evenings

Women’s Division (9 vs 9)

New this season!

New this year, we are excited to offer a Women’s Only Division! All skill levels are welcome in this fun, recreational league. This will be played 9 vs 9 on a smaller field.

  • Intensity Level – Low / Medium
  • Game Day – Monday evenings

Step 2

Click for the Online Registration

Recreational division (approx 15 games) – Tuesday evenings mainly – $165 / player
Intermediate division (approx 15 games) – Thursday evenings mainly – $165 / player
Women’s division (approx 15 games) – Monday evenings mainly – $165 / player
Full time goalies registration in any division – $50 / player

Want to play in more than one division?
“also sign me up for…”
Recreational division – additional $125
Intermediate division – additional $125
Women’s division – additional $125

Registration Fees can be e-transferred to [email protected]

We need help with officiating!

The officiating course contains self-guided modules and a two hour Zoom session. Register at www.refcentre.com/ontario or please contact [email protected] if you’re interested and would like more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need?

You are required to wear shin pads, as well, proper soccer shoes are recommended. You will be provided with socks, shorts and a jersey.

What if I’ve never played or haven’t played for years?

No worries, we’ve had multiple players join last year who had little to no experience and they loved it. We also take this into consideration when making the teams and will try to match you up on a team with players who possess strong leadership skill the ability to coach.

I’d love to play, but I fear people will take it too serious and I might hate it

We understand – and we hear you, this is why we started a recreational divisions mainly for this purpose. Although the intermediate division is considered recreational, it can be more competitive than some people like. Therefore the recreational division is a laid back version where it’s all about fun and teamwork.

Where are the games located?

The games are currently located at the Kiwanis Soccer Complex in Owen Sound (past the bayshore)
Click here for Map

What time and day are the games usually?

Recreational Division plays on Tuesday nights (with the occassional Friday match)

Intermediate Division plays on Thursday nights (with the occassional Monday match)

7 vs 7 Competitive Division plays on Monday nights

game start times are usually 6:15 / 7:30 or the occasional 8:30 start time

How are the teams determined?

The teams are determined by the committee who manages the league. Each player is assigned a skill level and based on that “rating” the teams are balanced based on a final total score. Later in the season, we may adjust / move players from team to team if things become uneven

Are there any refunds if I decide not to play (after making my payment)?

  • Before the first scheduled game is played – 75% of registration fee
  • Before the second scheduled game is played – 50% of registration fee
  • Once the second scheduled game is played – no refund

What are the rules?

Here is a link to FIFA rules  with the difference that we DO NOT allow slide tackles in our league

How come you don't re-use the jerseys?

We tried collecting jerseys one season, we offered $5 dollars for each one returned after the final game. Unfortunately we only received approximately 25-30% of the original amount. When we tried to utilize them for the next season, we could only use about 15% due to sizes, change in sponsor and jersey colours available.

How come the games are only 60 minutes?

The short answer is that we don’t have access to more fields. We’re limited to what fields are available (since we’re not the only ones renting them) other factors are increased costs (for fields, refs and linesmen – longer games = more pay) and additional days for scheduling. (instead of just playing every Thursday, games could be on a Friday or Saturday as well)