2009 Owen Sound House League Soccer Teams

Here are the teams for the 2009 soccer season as it currently stands, these teams may change from time to time, to help balance the overall season (ie. injuries, etc)

Please take note of the date to the left, as this will reflect when the teams have been updated last.

* New additions to the teams for the week will be bolded

Spurs Rovers Villians Hammers
Greg Klages
Mike Harrison
Craig Peck
George Markou
Robert Dube Peter Groeneveld Jason Quiquero Dan Farwell
Carissa Bye Byron Bothwell Jacob Kellendonk Vicki Gravelle
Beth Wipp Bradey Monahan Ron Kielstra Aaron Donnelly
Eric Frost Tina McNabb Helen Jones Mike Campbell
Todd Maidment Trevor Heathers Megan Celhoffer Andrew Howlett
Kyle Simmons Nathan Wood Nathalie George Laurie Boycott
Mike Meyers Jenna Long Tom Purtell Ray Marchand
Glenn Wilson Brianna Bloomfield Chris Nobels Eddie Kong
Anali Cameron Katie Kudzak Manny Ramirez Chrishan Fernando
Christine Wilson Lindsay Boyd Mark Turner Sandra MacDonald
Darcy Werger Mike Kirejow Jamie Whittaker Dave Stewart
Carolyn Mills
Shane Jolley
Jordan Veenstra