2013 Outdoor Soccer Schedule / Roster / Rules

We’ve posted the team rosters and schedule to the website, it’s currently being reviewed by the committee and therefore could change before the start of the season, so please make sure to double check again beforehand. If we require any more changes during the season, we’ll make sure we post updates via the website / email newsletters.

As always, one of the main reasons this league exists, is to allow people to play soccer in an enjoyable atmosphere. Please remember to treat everyone with respect, on and off the field. This includes, team mates, opponents, referees, linesmen, etc. As well, remember that everyone has paid to play, and therefore should receive equal playing time on the field.

Make sure to always sub equally with your teammates, be aware of the time you’ve played, and make sure to sub accordingly.


The schedule for the 2013 Outdoor Season has now been posted, you can view it here – 2013 Outdoor Schedule
Team Rosters

Team Rosters have been posted, and can be viewed here – 2013 Team Rosters


The rules for the season can be found here – View the Rules

There is NO slide tackling or physical contact of any kind during the game. Please make sure to read through the brief rules and code of conduct

Any player who plans on missing 3 weeks of games (in a row) or more, must notify either their team captain, or a committee member beforehand. If this is not performed, they may lose their spot on the team without a refund.

Players Substitutions

If you cannot make a game and require a player sub, you must submit your name and the substituting players name 24 hrs before the match begins, the committee and team captains will receive all substitutions that are completed through this method and will be able to verify.

Substitutions will not be permitted that do not follow the proper procedures, therefore make sure to communicate with your team if you know in advance whether you’ll be missing any matches to determine whether or not a sub is required.

Use the following form to do so – Player Substitution Form

Player pools will be posted ASAP, check this page for updates the password is osfc