First Scrimage Game – Outdoor Soccer

Teams have been changed / updated! Please double check the time you play

On May 18th there will be 3 “scrimmage” games (6:30, 7:30 and 8:30 start times – check below after reading), these are not the final teams, just initial “get together” matches to help us determine player skill levels and team rosters.

Please look below to determine when you should arrive.

Please bring either a Light (white) or Dark coloured shirt depending on the team you’ve been assigned.

The week after (May 25th) will be the start of the regular season, uniforms will be provided then, stay posted for more details.

The games will all be held on Field 3 – which is the field with the lights.

Here is a link to the Soccer Complex (Near the Goodyear Plant)complex-map

6:30 Start (arrive at 6:15)

Light vs. Dark
Wendy Kipp Kellan King
James Pearson Danielle Parker
Caleb Hull James Pridham
Sara Schnurr Stephen Watson
Scott Gass Ray Marchand
Roxi Millson Karen Vanderwerf
Bob Sanders Ken Clarke
Steven Bellamy Brooke Tomsett
Mike Harrison Karen Linner
Seth Ronald Ken Linner
Ian Scheel Laurie Boycott
Manny Ramirez Jaeden Long
Willem Zevenbergen Marc Freyer
Brittney Wark Matthew Nopper
Reuben Blake TJ Bell

7:30 Start (arrive at 7:15)

Light vs. Dark
Aaron Donnelly Simon Green
Michael Donnelly Rochelle McGregor
Jill Nechala Branden Sanders
Curtis Coyne James Moesker
Benjamin Turner Heather Carmicheal
Mark Turner Todd Maidment
Kaley Bye Paul King
Peter Groeneveld Zach King
Brandon Wellwood Jenn Patrick
Beth Hamilton Rob Dube
Carissa Bye Diane Sauro
Dave Lyle Tom Purtell
Lindsay Hutten Bill King
Kyle Sikkema Graham Allan
Jurian Lier Harvey Winfield
Trevor Chiasson David Fulford

8:30 Start (arrive at 8:15)

Light vs. Dark
Doug Waring Shane Jolley
Kim Waring Jim Collins
Drew Boddy Joel Linde
Sean Hagen John Tamming
Angela Lukas Andrew Howlett
Andrew Low Helen Jones
Will Derry Stephanie Lozon
Chrishan Fernando Alan Lozon
Kaitlyn McArthur Trevor Heathers
Eric Frost Heidi Cronin
Dave Johnstone Jeff Cronin
Brad Fritz Mischa Bye
Christine Wilson Agnes Macnay
Glenn Wilson Sterling Macnay
Heather Desmarais Doug Sweiger