Games Extend Regular Season

The regular season has been extended with an additional week of games. They were posted to the schedule a few weeks back, and are as follows:

August 9th


Field 1 – Vertical vs. Stone
Field 2 – Meridian vs. Northridge


Field 1 – Soma vs. Joe Tomato’s
Field 2 – Kettles vs. Tannahill

The playoffs will start on August 16th and will consist of the following format:

1st Week (Quarterfinals) – August 16th

  • 1st vs. 5th
  • 2nd vs. 6th
  • 3rd vs. 7th
  • 4th vs. 8th

2nd Week (Semi-Finals) – August 23rd

4 teams battle for championship finals / 4 teams battle for consolation finals

3rd Week (Finals) – August 30th

Championship finals / Bronze Match / Consolation Finals / 7th and 8th Place Match