Joe Tomato’s (Red) – 2010 Champs

2010-outdoor-champsThe championship match between Joe Tomato’s (Red) and Joe Tomato’s (Black) turned out to be a great match, ending in regular time 0-0. This forced an extra 10 minutes which still didn’t produce a goal, pushing the game to shoot-outs. The first four shooters on each team hit the back of the net, and it wasn’t until Joe’s (Black) fifth shooter missed, that Joe’s (Red) had a chance to score, which they did, winning the league playoffs.

Congratulations to Joe Tomato’s (Red) the 2010 O.S.F.C Adult League Champs!

Team Roster

Joel Linde
Doug Waring
Kim Waring
Heidi Cronin
Jeff Cronin
Christine Wilson
Glenn Wilson
Aaron Donnelly
Michael Donnelly
Carissa Bye
Chrishan Fernando
Wendy Kipp
James Pearson
TJ Bell
Alison Illman
Philip Finlayson
Darcy Werger
Chris Taylor