Outdoor Soccer Sunday Tournament

August 8th (Sunday)

Update (3:00pm Sunday) – Tournament is still a go, as long as the field conditions are decent throughout the evening and there’s no lightning, we’re good to play.


Field 2 – Joes Black vs. Northridge
Field 3 – Vertical vs. Joe’s Red


Field 2 – Northridge vs Stone Tree
Field 3 –  Joe’s Red vs Peeler Cider


Field 2 – Stone Tree vs Joe’s Black
Field 3 – Vertical vs Peeler Cider


Field 2 – 1st A vs 2nd B
Field 3 – 1st B vs 2nd A
Field 5 – 3rd vs 3rd


Field 3 – Bronze Game


Field 3  – Gold/Silver game

* If two teams are tied, the team who gave up fewest goals advances. If they are still tied, team with best goal difference (for minus against) advances.

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