Start of Season

Tomorrow is the first match day for many teams and we want to pass along some information / tips / rules / etc before the games get underway.

We’d like each team to decide on a team captain (or 2) before or after the first game. This person will be responsible for submitting scores, relaying information on to their team, grabbing the soccer balls before and after games (if needed) and general all around “go to” person for their team. Please submit your name / team name / email to [email protected]

1st Game – Please arrive 20 mins early to pickup your uniform (if you haven’t already)

Rules / General Conduct

  • NO SLIDE TACKLING (Zero tolerance for this)
  • Shinpads are required
  • No jewellery – please make sure to remove rings, earrings, necklaces, etc
  • Remember to include everyone in the play and the game, no matter their skill level. Many people get discouraged and quit (or don’t come back) because of this very thing. Always remember, this is adult co-ed recreational soccer.
  • Sub…Sub…Sub….This one is a personal pet peeve. We’ve all paid to play, everyone deserves the same amount of time on the field. Make sure to Sub evenly with your teammates. (Each player should be subbing 2-4 times a game with a 15 – 17 man roster)
  • If you can’t make a match, and you know in advance, talk to your team and determine if they require a sub, if they do, follow the instructions here – (this doesn’t apply to the first week)
  • Any player who plans on missing 3 weeks of games (in a row) or more, must notify either their team captain, or a committee member beforehand. If this is not performed, they may lose their spot on the team without a refund.
  • When in a one on one race with the goalkeeper (eg. breakaway) please make sure to think about safety of yourself and others We’ve seen too many dangerous collisions over the years because of these situations – and it’s not worth it. Remember, no one is getting paid to play, you won’t be cut from the team, and we all have to resume with our lives at the end of the match.
  • If you feel you need to score 5 goals a game, I’m sorry to say, this isn’t the league for you. It won’t be fun for your teammates and it won’t be fun for your opponents.  If this is your main concern, I can get you a contact for Owen Sound United or the Sonics, I’m sure they’d be glad to have you on board.
  • Did I mention this is recreational soccer? So have a good time, and as always, if you have questions let someone from the committee know (Glenn Wilson, Carissa Bye, Mischa Bye, Kyle Robinson, or myself – Brad Fritz) – or email [email protected]

Lastly, we’ve been warned multiple times this year regarding players consuming alcoholic beverages at the games last year. (“players with beer bottles in their hands” to be precise) If you are caught consuming alcohol at the complex, you could be fined, or worse – banned.