Team Rosters Updated (Players Moved)

Due to players being added, and a few being removed, we’ve been forced to make some moves between the teams to help keep an even balance. Any player that has been transferred to another team will be contacted via phone and/or email and arrangements for a new uniform will be made.

The following transfers / additions / removals have occured.

Players Transferred:

Aaron Donnelly (Joe’s Black -> Joe’s Red)
Michael Donnelly (Peeler Cider -> Joe’s Red)
Eric Frost (Joe’s Red -> Stone Tree)
Jay Cox (Joe’s Red -> Peeler)

Players Added:

Kayla Moore -> Vertical
Susie Vandergulik -> Northridge

Players Removed:

Jaeden Long – Stone Tree
Graham Allan – Joe’s Red

Please check the Team Rosters page for up-to-date rosters.