Uniforms / Locations / Nets

Golden Soccer Ball


The uniforms have been individually packaged with each players name located inside. They will be available in boxes (each team has a box) at the gym.  Unfortunately there was a mix up with 1/2 the jerseys, and they are missing numbers. One of the committee members who will be present tomorrow, will assist in this issue.


Please remember that the games are located at two locations this year. Thursday matches are generally held at OSDSS (750 9th St W, Owen Sound, ON N4K 3P6) and Monday night matches are held at St. Mary’s Highschool (555 15th St E, Owen Sound, ON N4K 1X2).

Team Sizes

We’ve reduced the team sizes from 10 to 9 this year, which will allow everyone more playing time. But please remember to sub evenly with your teammates. Every player should be sitting 3-4 times per game on average.

Balls / Nets

Please assist with collecting the balls and setting up / taking down the nets  before and after the games. The more people who help with the task, the easier it is for everyone.