2022 Update: Schedule, Uniforms & Important Information

player approaches the net with the ball

Schedule Information
The full schedule has been posted, please check to see which field & time you’ll be playing on. All Monday night games will be taking place on Field 2B and all Tuesday night games will take place on Field 1, but Thursday is spread over Fields 1, 4 & 5. The early game on each field kicks off at 6:15, the late game begins at 7:30.

The full schedule can be found here: https://www.owensoundsoccer.com/outdoor-soccer-information/schedule-game-dates/

NOTE: Some rosters have been changed due to late registrations. PLEASE check the roster page to confirm which team you are playing on. Team Rosters can be found here: https://www.owensoundsoccer.com/outdoor-soccer-information/outdoor-team-rosters/

If any further changes to rosters are required, impacted players will be notified via email.

Uniform Information
We ask that players arrive early to the start of their first game for uniform pickup. Members of the committee will be at each field to distribute uniforms. Uniforms include a jersey, shorts & socks.

If you have not paid prior to the start of the season, you will not be allowed to play or pick up your uniform. Please send your registration fees to [email protected], or notify us at the same email address if you intend on paying via cash or cheque to a committee member on opening night.

We encourage all players to read the rules & code of conduct before the beginning of the season. Find them here: https://www.owensoundsoccer.com/rules/

A reminder that we are all in this league to have fun. There is zero tolerance for abuse towards officials or other players. Players should not play entire game unless their team has no subs due to player absences. Every player is expected to sub multiple times throughout the game. Unless you’re a goalie. You can stay out there.

7×7 Rules
If you’re playing in the Monday night league, please see our additional rules for 7×7: https://www.owensoundsoccer.com/rules/7-vs-7-rules/

Tuesday Night Guidelines
Rec league is expected to be a fun, casual environment where new players can learn the game with the help of more experienced players in the league. If you’re a competitive player and want to play with similar talent levels, please sign up for Monday or Thursday instead. If you’re a lifelong player and are happy to teach the game, take subs often and give everyone a chance to play and get involved, regardless of skill level, you’re in the right league. We all like to be on the winning team at the end of the night, but inclusion and a good time are the top priority for Tuesdays.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone next week and getting back on the pitch! If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

-Owen Sound Adult Soccer Committee