7 vs 7 & Rec Division Finals

Golden Soccer Ball

Due to the fact of the lack of sun (and the non availability of the main field) – the Championship matches will be played at 6:15pm

7 vs 7 Division

Monday August 26th

6:15 – SOM vs TEN- (Championship)
7:30 – SCS vs BWFH – (Consolation)

Beginner Division

Tuesday August 27th

6:15 – ACT vs JOE – (Championship)
7:30 – TFC vs JTL – (Consolation)


The Rec division banquet will be held August 27th. Head up after the last game, as things will be starting around 9 p.m at Joe Tomato’s.

The 7 vs 7 players are welcome to attend the Rec banquet or the Intermediate banquet (on August 29th)

As usual, there will be appetizers and prizes.


Any teams requiring substitutions must make sure the players they are substituting are of the same class as the players they are missing (ie. A class player for A class player, B class for B class, etc etc) If a player cannot be found for a higher “graded” pool, a lower graded sub can be used. (eg. If you require a A pool player, you can always take a B or C pool player)

Strictly for the playoffs, teams can substitute a maximum of 6 players from the following pools:

  • 2 players from pool A
  • 3 players from pool B
  • 4 players from pool C

Team rosters may be checked and verified by committee members, to determine equality for all substitutions, and if teams do not have the appropriate substitutions in place, they may be required to play short (or forfeit and play a friendly match)

You must submit all substitutions 1 hour prior to the start of your match. Any team found with “illegal” subs will forfeit their match.