2014 Indoor Soccer Banquet

2014 Indoor Soccer Banquet

After the final match Thursday night, please head up to Joe’s for an end of the year banquet. We’ve reserved the back room where there will be door prizes and food for all players to enjoy.

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No Games this Week (March 13th)

No Games this Week (March 13th)

There are no games this week, the finals will be held on March 20th in the West Gym (this is the OTHER gym)

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2nd Week of Indoor Soccer Playoffs (Re-scheduled)

2nd Week (Semi-finals) – March 6th


  • Friendly – Hoop Rider vs. Joe Tomatos


  • Semi-Finals – Tannahill vs. Kettles


  • Semi-Finals – John Tamming vs. Meridian

Any teams requiring substitutions must verify with a committee member beforehand. Team rosters may be checked by committee members, to determine equality for all substitutions, and if teams do not have the appropriate substitutions in place, they may be required to play short (or forfeit and play a friendly match)

Games Canceled Tonight (Feb 27th 2014)

Games Canceled Tonight (Feb 27th 2014)

The games that were scheduled for tonight have been canceled by Bluewater School Board, the 2nd round of playoffs will occur next week.

75% Off Registration for Goalies

We’re looking for goalies, and we’re willing to slash 75% off registration fees to get some.

You’re an existing goalie and you already signed up you say? No worries, this applies to you as well.

All we ask is that you play 75% of the matches in net for the full game, and we’ll refund 75% of your registration costs at the end of the season.

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